Lampi waterfall Thai Mueang

Who doesn’t like spectacular waterfalls surrounded by natural beauty? Get that jungle feeling and swim at a waterfall right here in Khao Lak.

There are several waterfalls in the area. Some are close by and some are 30 minutes or an hour away. Even if you have to drive 30 minutes, visiting a breathtaking waterfall is always worth the ride. Waterfalls are so relaxing, almost therapeutic, and if you have kids, imagine their excitement!

All waterfalls in the area are safe to visit and to swim at. We are going to recommend 3 of them, but keep an eye out for more!

The following waterfalls are ordered by distance, the nearest to Khao Lak first:

Ton Chongfa Waterfall in Bang Niang

You can not see all the levels in the image above, but this waterfall has five levels. There is a narrow path you can follow on the right side of the waterfall. The path leads up to the different levels you can access.

At the foot of the waterfall, and at some of the levels, you can have your “swimming at a waterfall” experience. You can even have a bit of skin cleaning, if you lay still in the water, the small little fish will come nibble on your dead skin cells. You may have seen it at some beauty salons, but at all these waterfalls you’ll have it for free! If you’ve never experienced this, try it out! It’s completely harmless and may tickle a little bit.

To get to Ton Chongfa Waterfall you have to drive for about 20-25 minutes if you leave from La On, Khao Lak Center. Drive to Bang Niang, and after the traffic lights you turn right towards the temple. Circle left around the temple and just keep following the road for about 15 minutes. The road will end at the waterfall.

There’s usually an entrance fee of 200 THB (~6 euro), but it’s worth the experience for that money!

See route at Google Maps (starting at highway 4 / moo 4)

Rainbow Waterfall (Sai Rung) in Pakweep

This narrow but high waterfall is quite easy to access, although you’ll have to drive a bit coming from La On (Khao Lak Center).

Rainbow Waterfall is also known as Pakweep waterfall. It’s situated 15 kilometers north of La On, but it’s mostly an easy drive on the highway 4. See the route link below.

When you arrive at the entrance of the waterfall, you can park your vehicle at private property for 20 THB. The waterfall itself doesn’t have an entrance fee, so it’s a total bargain!

There’s also a restaurant and you can have lunch with tables prepared in the shallow stream. Ever had lunch like that? Be truly one with nature, while having delicious Thai food.

It’s a short 2 minute walk and you’ll quickly notice the sound of water falling. The area is very relaxing and usually not that crowded.

To get to the waterfall is quite easy. Drive north towards the Beyond Resort in Pakweep on the highway 4. When you see the Beyond Resort sign at the bridge, you turn right at the intersection. Follow the road for about 800 meters until you see the Rainbow Waterfall sign on the right. Follow that narrow road, keep driving on the left, for another 1.7 km to the waterfall.

See route at Google Maps (starting at highway 4 / moo 4)

Lampi Waterfall south of Khao Lak in Thai Mueang

Lampi waterfall Thai Mueang

Lampi is an impressive large waterfall. If you came to Khao Lak to visit a great waterfall, you have to check out this one.

Although it’s a bit of a drive, it’s totally worth it. Heading 30 minutes south of Khao Lak, look for the Km 33 sign on highway 4 and turn left. You will also see the Lampi waterfall sign, but it might be a bit washed due to the sun. Also see the route link below.

Lampi is our favourite and most satisfying waterfall in the nearby region. This gorgeous three-level waterfall is ideal to swim at with a large pool at the foot. Locals visit this place as well during the weekend, so it’s best to avoid those days if you prefer it more quiet.

There is also a hanging bridge to view the waterfall from a short distance (~70 meters). The bridge leads to a trail on the left side of the waterfall. You can walk up easily to the next level, and have amazing pictures from up high. It’s also possible to go all the way up, to the highest level, but the trail isn’t easy and can be quite dangerous – don’t do this alone, better yet, don’t try at all for your safety.

This waterfall is ideal for swimming and safe to do so. You can also spot some fish swimming around you, curious and completely harmless.

You could swim towards the falling water, but the current is quite strong and the water is pretty deep the closer you get – you won’t be able to stand. Many youngsters dive from the rocks on the left into the current. It’s entertaining to watch the people having fun while you enjoy the majestic environment.

Tip: There isn’t a restaurant, but you can buy some snacks from the food stalls at the parking. At the entrance of the park, you can buy some drinks and ice cream.

See route on Google Maps (starting at La On – Khao Lak center)

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