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If you were unlucky and didn’t spot sea turtles on your snorkelling or diving excursion (Similan or Surin islands are the best spots), you can always visit the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Taplamu, Lam Kaen. It’s also a great place to visit with children and to add a bit of education to the holidays.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Center is a place where turtles are taken care of and protected from danger. They make sure the little turtles are safely returned to the sea. The older and sick turtles are cared for permanently, as they wouldn’t survive on their own. The entrance fee is only 60 THB per person and is used to feed the turtles every day and maintain the Conservation Center. The place is taken care of by the Royal Thai Navy and volunteers. Local schools are often invited to have educational and fun activities at the Navy base.

Right next to the Conservation Center is the T 215 boat, a 2004 tsunami wreck, but not quite as well preserved as the famous police boat 813 in Bang Niang. Nearby, there is a pier where most island tours depart from, and the Thai Navy golf course, which is open to the public.

Combine your visit to the Sea Turtle Conservation Center with adventurous highly-recommended tour

The best experience comes with a well-organized tour and knowledgeable guide. Most tours to the Sea Turtle Conservation Center are child-friendly and often include a relaxing bamboo raft journey through the jungle rivers, visiting and feeding elephants, and/or a visit to a nearby waterfall. You can book one of these small-group half-day tours and be assured of an unforgettable experience!

Final words…

The Sea Turtle Conservation Center is worth a visit, but don’t expect a lot of activities to do here. It’s a great place to observe tiny and full-grown sea turtles. Children are always excited to see them!

If you would like to know more about the sea turtles in Khao Lak, check out this post: Sea Turtles in Khao Lak and Where to Meet Them.

Even though watching the sea turtles going about is a nice sight, you will likely only spend 30 minutes to an hour here. You can either book one of the recommended tours listed above, or incorporate some of the below nearby DIY activities if you are looking for something else to do after your visit.

DIY activities in the area

There are several things to do around Lam Kaen, and we will dive into each of them in later articles. For now, here is a short list:

  • Lam Ru National Park: (see on Gmaps) Lam Kaen is situated next to this beautiful national park. You can go on an adventurous jungle path along the beach. You can relax at the “secret” private small white sandy beach. There is an entrance fee for adults 200 THB, and children 100 THB. You can use the same ticket to visit other parks on the same day, such as Ton Chong Fa Waterfall and Lampi Waterfall.
  • Golfing at the Tablamu Navy Golf Course: (see on GMaps) south of Lam Kaen Beach you can swing your golf club overseeing the Andaman sea. You can also check out the more distant and luxurious Katathong Golf Resort & Spa (see on Gmaps). It is a 30-minute drive by car.
  • Ton Pling Waterfall: (see on GMaps) not even 2 km away Lam Kaen Beach is a small waterfall. It’s not the most exotic but its close proximity is worth the visit. It’s also a nice thing to do with children. You can swim at the waterfall and the entrance is free of charge.
  • Lampi Waterfall: this is a very pretty waterfall and only a 20 minutes drive by car from Lam Kaen beach. The large 3 step-waterfall is popular among locals as well. Swim with the fishes that may nibble your skin (free cleanup!). There’s a beautiful hanging bridge to cross and walk to the second level. The entrance fee is 200 THB and parking is 20 THB. You can use the ticket to visit other National Parks in the area, such as Lam Ru National Park at the Khao Lak mountain.

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