Lam Kaen South Beach

Lam Kaen is in the South of Khao Lak Center (La On), just over the mountain.

The original Khao Lak Village is situated here, at the South foot of the mountain.

Lam Kaen Beach is also known as Khao Lak South Beach. The beach is about 700 meters long and relatively small compared to other beaches in the Khao Lak area.

Poseidon Beach

On the south side of Lam Kaen Beach is another smaller beach named Poseidon Beach, likely named after the situated Poseidon Bungalows. You can easily walk and check it out.

The Sea and Snorkeling

The sea at Lam Kaen beach is calm, because of the bay. Unlike most other beaches around Khao Lak, the bay provides a unique opportunity to do some snorkeling. You can’t compare it with snorkeling at Surin Islands or Similan Islands, but it is a fun activity to do and you can still see some fish. You will have to walk or swim to the north side of the beach, where you will see the rocks.

Dining at Khao Lak South Beach

There are several places to have a bite. If you walk to the southern part of Lam Kaen Beach (aka Khao Lak South Beach), it will get quieter quickly. There are a few restaurants to have a nice romantic diner. The prices are lower than at the resorts, and the quality is excellent. Besides, it is good to support the smaller businesses in the area, as the big resorts try to keep all customers inside. Why not try a different restaurant every day?! 

Center of Khao Lak South Beach

To get to, what we call, the “center of Khao Lak South Beach”, you will have to look for the narrow road next to Merlin Resort. 

You will find restaurants, bars, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and an ATM. Everything is within a short walking distance. There are also shops to rent a scooter or take a taxi.

Activities in the area

There are several things to do around Lam Kaen, and we will dive into each of them in later articles. For now, here is a short list:

  • Lam Ru National Park: (see on Gmaps) Lam Kaen is situated next to the beautiful national park. You can go on an adventurous jungle path along the beach. You can relax at the “secret” private small white sandy beach. There is an entrance fee for adults 200 THB, and children 100 THB. You can use the same ticket to visit other parks on the same day, such as Ton Chong Fa Waterfall and Lampi Waterfall.
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Center: (see on GMaps) a place where turtles are taken care of and protected from danger. They make sure the little turtles are safely returned to the sea – they are so cute! The older and suck turtles are cared for permanently, as they wouldn’t survive on their own. The entrance fee is only 60 THB per person and is used to feed the turtles every day and maintain the conservation center.
  • Golfing at the Tablamu Navy Golf Course: (see on GMaps) very near and south of Lam Kaen Beach you can swing your golf club overseeing the Andaman sea. You can also check out the more distant and luxurious Katathong Golf Resort & Spa (see on Gmaps). It is still only a 30-minute drive.
  • Ton Pling Waterfall: (see on GMaps) not even 2 km away Lam Kaen Beach is a small waterfall. It’s not the most exotic but its close proximity is worth the visit. It’s also a nice thing to do with children. You can swim at the waterfall and the entrance is free of charge.
  • Lampi Waterfall: (see on GMaps) this is a very pretty waterfall and an excellent place to visit. The large 3 step-waterfall is popular among locals as well. Swim with the fishes that may nibble your skin (free cleanup!). There’s a beautiful hanging bridge to cross and walk to the second level. The entrance fee is 200 THB and parking is 20 THB. As mentioned before, you can use the ticket to visit other National Parks in the area, such as Lam Ru.

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