La On — The Heart of Khao Lak

Located over the Khao Lak hill, after the curvy roads, you will be in (Bang) La On. Often, this area is simply called Khao Lak (center). La On isn’t the original Khao Lak village, which is located South of the Khao Lak hill in the Lam Kaen area. The area of La On is referred to as Khao Lak because it’s the most developed and touristy area of all.

A beautiful stretch of beach, fashion shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries, tailors, optic shops, diving centers, doctors, and dentists — Bang La On “Khao Lak Center” has it all. The only thing that you may miss out on in La On is a local Thai market or a nightclub, which both can be found in Bang Niang, 2-3 km north.

The bustling beach at La On is often referred to as “Nang Thong Beach“. You will find many places to eat, have a drink, and enjoy a massage. It’s a great beach with smooth sand, some rocks on the sides, and the iconic lighthouse on the beach looks stunning in your next holiday pictures!



Nang Thong Beach: Your All-in-one paradise

Nang Thong Supermarket

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