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Ko Kho Khao island is easily accessible and perfect for people that want space and privacy. Fancy your own piece of beach and quiet sunset gazing with barely anyone in sight? Ko Kho Khao is your island. (GMaps)

The long golden beaches are similar to Khao Lak, except it’s much quieter. The water is also similar – slightly murky – but you can swim without danger.

Ko Kho Khao island still feels like a secret place. You get that sense of peace, no distractions, just you on an island. It is the perfect place to enjoy seclusion without sacrificing quality, comfort, and a good selection of restaurants and bars.

For clear water and amazing snorkeling spots with colorful coral and underwater life, you will have to go to one of the islands offshore like Similan Islands and Surin Islands – stunning snorkeling paradises.

Ko Kho Khao island is about 16 kilometers long with sandy beaches in the west, grassy hills in the center, and mangrove canals in the east.

There are a couple of hotels and restaurants. The island’s infrastructure is good enough to get around, and it’s easy to find a taxi to take you somewhere. 

How to get to Ko Kho Khao?

Ko Kho Khao is only 40 minutes north of Khao Lak. It is 30 minutes to the Nam Kem Pier (GMaps) where you cross the canal in 10 minutes. The price for crossing is 20 baht per person and 20 baht for a motorbike/bicycle. The car ferry departs regularly (every 30 to 90 minutes) and costs 150 baht per car and 20 baht per person. The ferry service starts at 7:30 am until about 5 pm.

When to go to Ko Kho Khao?

Most people will recommend the same for Khao Lak. The most pleasant weather is between November and April – the high season. It is also the time with most people on the island, although still relatively quiet compared to Khao Lak.

For a good discount and ultimate peace, the time between May and October is ideal. Keep in mind some accommodation and restaurants may be closed, and you can expect occasional rain showers during the rainy season.

Enjoy cycling?

Ko Kho Khao is a great destination for adventurous cyclers. A round trip on the island is a great way to spend your day. The paths are traffic-free with beautiful landscapes, deserted beaches, and shallow grassy plains. The hilly northeast zone has more challenging terrain with forest areas and gravel roads – great for mountain bikers!

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