Trash Heroes Khao Lak

Khao Lak is home to an amazing group of volunteers that care for the environment. TRASH HERO is an energetic movement that drives change within communities around the world, motivating and supporting them to clean and prevent plastic waste.

Anyone can be a TRASH HERO, it’s easy! A TRASH HERO wastes as little as possible reuses as much as possible and works to preserve and improve the spaces they are in, wherever they may be. While you are in Khao Lak, you can help out our Trash Heroes by keeping the beaches clean!

Join the Khao Lak TRASH HEROES Every Sunday

Khao Lak Trash Heroes keeping the beaches clean.
Join our Trash Heroes on every Sunday – Keep the beaches clean!

Khao Lak TRASH HERO, officially founded in 2017, set out every Sunday to collect waste at the beaches. They have collected over 500 kilograms of waste in the past year! The TRASH HEROES also work with local businesses to properly dispose of their waste and educate them on ways to reduce their environmental impact.

You can join the TRASH HEROES by coming to one of their cleanups or by organizing your own! For more information, you can:

If everyone made an effort to reduce their waste, we could make a huge impact on the amount of pollution that ends up in our oceans. So be a TRASH HERO and help keep Khao Lak’s beaches clean!

Thank you for being a TRASH HERO! Our planet thanks you too.

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