Khao Lak Weather and Climate

What is the weather like in Khao Lak? That’s one of the more popular FAQs and we will answer in some detail below. We can’t predict the weather, but we can look at the historical data and have an educational guess what it could be like on your next trip.

Khao Lak is influenced by two monsoons (seasons). The monsoons control the weather and the temperature in Khao Lak averages between 25-33 Celsius throughout the year. The two seasons in Khao Lak are:

  1. Khao Lak Low season (rain/wet season) from April to October. It’s a time of warm and moist air from the Indian Ocean in the southwest. It brings in rain and occasionally some impressive thunder storms, which usually don’t last that long.
  2. Khao Lak High season (hot/dry season) from November to March. During this time Khao Lak receives winds from the northeast, coming from China. It’s much drier and less cloudy so it’s the best time for most tourists coming to Khao Lak.

Khao Lak weather/climate table:

Max. Temp. (C)333435343332323131323131
Min. Temp. (C)212223242424242423232322
Rainfall (mm)33366820552740645247858247625048
Rainy days44715242321232422166
Khao Lak Climate

Looking at the rainy days, you would understand why tourists prefer the months November to March. Although there is much less rain this time around, a shower in the late afternoon or evening is still possible. They usually don’t last that long and you can easily find cover at a nearby bar, maybe even order a drink, and before your glass is half full, the rain has stopped. All the shops, restaurants and tour agencies are open but prices are higher compared to the low season.

The low season on the other hand has cheaper prices, and still more than enough sunshine. Temperatures are always good, even in the low season, you can see the max. and min. temperature in the table above. Flights are cheaper during this time of year (April to October). Just keep in mind that most places will look a bit deserted and some are even closed. On the flipside, you’ll have beaches for yourself and VIP service at restaurants that are struggling to stay open. For day trips and other tours, it’s advised to contact tour agencies, or the reception of your accommodation, in advance. Even better, book your tours from multiple operators in advance at GetYourGuide (click to open in a new tab), free cancellation and hotel pickup included.

There you have it. Both seasons in Khao Lak have their ups and downs.

In a nutshell: high season is busy, pricy, and with a comfortable climate and most sunshine. The low season is quiet, cheaper, less shops open, more rain and moist air and thus you may need to dodge some showers. The temperature in Khao Lak is good (average 25-33 Celsius) year-round!

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