Bang Niang Market Alley

The Bang Niang Market is the most famous market in Khao Lak. Thousands of tourists visit the Bang Niang Market to try out local food, grab a quick bite, buy souvenirs or just hangout at the market bars.

This tourist market is a must-visit when you stay a few days/weeks in Khao noLak. It’s a fun and buzzing experience for any couple, family or lonely backpacker. Be prepared to see and small a lot of food, especially barbequed/grilled/fried food, get fresh local fruits, hear a lot of music, and see a lot of people.

How to get there? When is the Bang Niang Market open? What about the prices and bargaining? Read more about it below…

Getting to the Bang Niang Market

How to get to the Bang Niang Market? The market is located on the highway 4, across the Police Boat 813 Tsunami Memorial Park. To find the exact location of the market see the map illustration below, or view the Bang Niang Market on our interactive map.

By taxi: All the taxis, whether one from the streets or arranged by your hotel, they will know this market very well. Simply ask them to bring you to the Bang Niang Market and they will drop you off right at the market entrance. When you would like to get back to your accommodation, head straight back to where you got dropped off and several taxis are ready to take you. The taxi price will vary depending where you come from/go to, ranging from 150 THB for short distances and 450 THB when you are coming from far.

By bus: If you are coming from afar, the public bus that either goes to Takuapa or Phuket will know this market. When you spot the traffic lights you get out (there are only 2 traffic lights in Khao Lak, 1 in the centre at the Nang Thong Supermarket, and 1 in Bang Niang at the tourist market).

Arriving at the Bang Niang Market

At the entrance of the Bang Niang Market, starting from the main road (highway 4 / Moo 4), you will see isles of over 300 stalls that sell a wide variety of stuffs from food, drink to clothes and toys.

Food and drink Stalls 

Food stands mainly sell fast food that you can see in both Thai and western style. They include barbeque, fried snacks, traditional Pad Thai,Thai salad, all sorts of sweets and desserts such as cakes, donuts as well as Thai traditional desserts. You can also try exotic taste of fried bugs such as crickets, scorpions and if you are lucky enough, even crocodiles! You can grab a fresh fruit smoothie from a stall or sit at a bar or restaurant in the market. 

Souvenir shops

When you pass the “food” section at the front of the market, you will soon find multiple vendors selling souvenirs such as batik fabric, hand-painted ceramics, personalised souvenirs, beachwears, beach toys, paintings, sculptures, skin care products, traditional medicine and all that!


There is also a special lane for local people to buy fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruit, meat and seafood. Sometimes you can spot restaurant staff and owners coming here to quickly buy products they ran out of on a busy day.

Bang Niang Market Groceries
Bang Niang Market Groceries

Fair prices at Bang Niang Market?

Prices at this “tourist” market are usually higher compared to “local” shops along the main road. Although the food and fruits are somewhat higher, it is fair priced considering the area and experience you’re getting. The souvenirs and fashion section however is often much higher. Some of the products are double or triple the regular local price. Always listen to your gut and try to bargain if you feel like the price is too high. Ask yourself the question, what do I think this product is worth? If the price is right, great! If it is not, try to bargain. If you can’t stand bargaining and feel like the price is too much, you could always look for the same or similar product, and often cheaper, if you go 5 minutes (motorbike/taxi) north to Khuk Khak, around the morning market/bus station area. Just keep in mind, you won’t have the same assortment and may not find what you’re looking for.

Taxi Station

Whether you come to Bang Niang Market by taxi, bus or shuttle from your hotel, you can take a taxi right at the front of the market for your next destination. Taxi princes depend on how far you are going and the size of your group. 150 to 300 baht for getting around Khao Lak, 500 baht if you go to Takua Pa and around 1000 baht for Phang Nga areas.

Bang Niang Market Taxi Station

Bang Niang Market Opening Times

The Bang Niang market is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 till 23:00. The best time to visit would be between 14:00 and 19:00. Most of the shops start to close up after sunset. Anyhow, you would already gone to the beach to watch the sunset, right?! Nobody wants to miss those stunning views…

View Bang Niang Market on our interactive map

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