Khao Lak Nang Thong Beach

With approximately 25 KM of yellow and white sand beaches in Khao Lak, you may wonder what Khao Lak beaches are the best?

To be plain honest, it is really hard to recommend the best Khao Lak beaches. The ~25 KM stretch is simply amazing. There are some unique traits and points of interest in some specific parts, so let’s focus on that.

The following 3 Khao Lak beaches are in order from South to North, it’s not a “best ranking” order. We believe you should at least check these amazing beaches out for their unique traits.

Nang Thong Beach

Starting in the heart of Khao Lak (La On area), see the picture above, this beach is amazing because of its access to the bustling restaurants, beach bars, and amazing natural surroundings.

The beach has a nice stretch of sand, but it also comes with places where you’ll find huge boulders to climb on, snorkel around, and make beautiful beach photos.

Speaking of amazing photo opportunities, this is the only beach that features a small lighthouse that is accessible by foot at low tide. Every year, thousands of tourists use this opportunity to take breathtaking photos at sunset.

Obviously, considering its central location, this is the most crowded beach. But rest assured, there is enough space for everyone. Just walk a little South or North and we’re confident you’ll find a nice quiet spot if you desire so.

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Memories Beach

Khao Lak Beaches: Nang Thong
by David Angel

A little bit more North of Nang Thong Beach, after Bang Niang, at the extension of Khuk Khak beach towards Pakarang, you will find the Memories Beach. The associated and popular Memories Beach Bar and Surfing spot is a place that has gained traction over the past year.

Of all the Khao Lak beaches, Memories beach is the only beach that is very shallow with a long walk into the sea without steep drops. It makes this beach perfect for beginner surfers to learn the sport, and for young children to play safely in the water (away from the surfers). It’s quite a large beach and usually not crowded at all.

Sit down at the Memories beach bar and you’re set for experiencing mesmerizing sunsets.

Fair to say, of all the Khao Lak beaches, this beach is not the easiest to access. The road from Highway 4 to Memories Beach is a dirt road with lots of holes. At the moment it’s not a pleasure to drive this path, but it is the shortest route. Hopefully, in the near future, this road will be better.

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You can also consider walking the beach for 20 minutes from the JW Marriot in Khuk Khak to Memories Beach, which is also a nice quiet stretch to walk. Best to do this at low tide.

Another way to get to Memories Beach is to park your vehicle at the Apsara Resort beachside. Apsara Resort is right next to the Memories beach and bar. There is a shallow stream flowing in between, which you can easily walkthrough.

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White Sand Beach

Khao Lak Beaches: White Sand Beach
by David Lopez

Further North, in Pakarang, just before Pak Weep, you will find one of our personal Khao Lak beaches favourite: White Sand Beach.

This beach stands out because of its beautiful light sand, and it’s the only beach with large trees hanging over the beach. This is perfect if you’re looking for natural shade.

If you walk a little bit North, you will find a very friendly and small beach bar and massage. You should definitely check that out and have a drink and/or massage before you head back.

If you go a little bit South, you could walk to the next beach which is Coconut Beach. Which didn’t make the list, but it is worth mentioning! Kantary Beach Hotel and The Sarojin are both located between White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach.

Watch a video, more photos, and hotel recommendations for White Sand Beach here

Bonus: Bang Sak Beach

Khao Lak Beaches: Bang Sak Beach

It was very difficult to choose the “3 best beaches” to visit in Khao Lak. We couldn’t end this article without mentioning Bang Sak Beach.

Of all the Khao Lak beaches, this beach is the farthest from the centre (La On). That’s simply the only reason we couldn’t mention it earlier. You may have to drive a bit to get here (if you’re not staying at one of the Bang Sak resorts).

Of all the beaches, even White Sand Beach, Bang Sak Beach is our favourite. The reason for this is because of its unique “local” positioning in the North. But also because of the tree line in between the beach road and the beach. The trees give the ideal opportunity for putting down your beach towel, lazy bags, or hanging your hammock.

Bang Sak Beach is mostly visited by locals from Takua Pa during the weekend.

You can have amazing local food and drinks here at great prices. You also have the try out the Garang Artisan Ice Cream, Coffee and Bakery shop (see GMaps). This is a modern styled beach shop with higher prices, but the quality is amazing.

Watch a video, more photos, and hotel recommendations for Bang Sak Beach here

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